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Customizing Temporary Crowns

The skill

There is a tremendous demand in the dental field for trained Dental Auxiliary who can construct and customize acrylic temporary crowns and bridges. This skill without a doubt will increase and enhance the competence of the Dental Auxiliary. You will learn how to work around the margins, repairing sub-margins, mesial & distal contacts as well as increasing the speed in which you construct temps. We realize doctors do not have the time to train or practice on their patients. Understanding this, we have created a environment which will allow the dental auxiliary to train on typodonts in a full lab. This valuable skill will allow the doctor to perform other tasks, which will increase their productivity and the skill of the assistant.

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What you will learn 

- How to customize single temps, bridges, over impressions, ionís & metals 
- Aesthetics; color match, appropriate length, and contour 
- Function; repairing sub-margins, mesial & distal occlusal contacts 
- How to use a handpiece to trim, shape and polish 
- The criteria of a temporary crown 

For additional information

Please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail if you have any questions or need any additional information about this program.

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